Wind down your dinner party with a fun treat— cocktail ice pops —and allow your guests to indulge in some creativity. The ZOKU Quick Pop Maker takes your concoctions from liquid to ice pop in less than 10 minutes. Here’s how it works: Store the base in the freezer.  Pull out when you are ready to make the pops. Pour your mix into the cavity. It will make 9 pops before having to refreeze the base—which will give you enough time to enjoy one, and come up with a new idea for the next round.

The kit comes with a cool accessories for the very creative, so you can experiment with tilted layers, and use different ingredients for the inside and outside of the pop. Think about using fresh fruit, yogurt, fruit juices, sodas—you get the idea. There is also a cool case to house the pops, if you want to make them ahead of time. $50 for the triple-base, with tools/sticks; $20 for the accessories; $20 for the storage case. Available online at

For the mix, think of any low-alcohol cocktails that are kind of fruity—that will work as a pop. Sangria with lots of fruit would also work perfectly. Martinis, not so much.

HOBNOBMAG Instant Cocktail Ice Pops E


1 part vodka
3 parts cranberry juice
1 part prosecco
strawberries, sliced

If you are using the Zoku pop maker, then just pour in the mixture, and wait 5 min for it to freeze. Voila! An instant cocktail ice pop. (Alternatively, pour into regular pop molds ahead of time, and allow at least 5 hours to freeze.)

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