Here is a helpful chart to assist you in your pizza-making strategies. In this Pizza Party Planner, I’ve listed all the recipes necessary for creating a fabulous pizza buffet in one handy spot. Your welcome!

Read through and then set a schedule and strategy for getting this party launched. This Pizza Party Planner lists all the recipes I’ve created to show off your pizza flair. Get all the links to the recipes in this post, Easy Pizza. You’ll see how easy it is to throw together a party with style.

• First, choose which toppings you like and then get a head start by making them the day before the party.

• Two: Right before the party, prepare the base.

• At the party: To create the pizzas, set oven to 450ºF. Let each guests create a combos to their liking, choosing from the cheese, sauces, and toppings you’ve presented. Bake each pizza for 5 min either on a baking tray or pizza stone.

• If you are feeling ambitious, create your own menu of artisanal combos—and make a print out menu to present to your guests, and inspire them to be creative.

BASE [Pick 1]

-Puff Pastry
-Cauliflower Crust [Recipe]
-Turkish Bread
-Authentic Dough from you local pizza place

CHEESES [Pick 2-3]

-El Trigal Aged Manchego
-Fresh Mozzarella
-Pyrenees Brebis

SAUCES [Pick 1]

-Heirloom Tomato [Recipe]
-Sweet Potato [Recipe]
-Store-Bought Tomato Sauce [HOBNOB SELECTS]

MEATS [Pick 1]

-Ground Lamb [Recipe]
-Surryano Ham
-Sausage [Recipe]
-Pepperoni Dots [Recipe]

VEGGIES [Pick 3]

-Caramelized Onions [Recipe]
-Roasted Zucchini [Recipe]
-Roasted Artichokes [Recipe]
-Roasted Peppers [Recipe]


-Curry Thyme Oil [Recipe]
-Spicy Aioli [Recipe]
-Your Best EV Olive Oil


-Baby Arugula
-Pitted Olives, cut into rings
-Apple, sliced thinly

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