[sadly, this place has since closed] Fashion Week is your ideal excuse for a fashionable pilgrimage to one of the newest and stylish places in New York City right now. The restaurant and cocktail bar had a soft opening in July, inviting in-the-know guests to few palatable events.

Grab your friends and make your way to Coco J’adore for their European cuisine, Parisian party ambiance and surprise performance artists. You never know who might show up. Hobnob editors were treated to a pre-opening event and what can only be described as unique dinner theatre performance. We watched “Verbal Burlesque” performed by actors and spoken word artists. Among them were the famous avant-garde artist Lydia Lunch and Michael Imperioli from the Sopranos, reading from his book, The Perfume Burned His Eyes, a novel in which 16-year-old narrator Matthew becomes enmeshed with the late rock legend Lou Reed and his trans muse Rachel. The literary evening was nothing short of a refreshing experience. There is always something going on at Coco J’adore. It might be the kind of place art aficionados and cafe society types needed.

While the décor is luxurious and artsy, it is well-thought out and speaks with a kind of welcoming energy that says sit, laugh, taste and enjoy. As soon as you walk in, you just know you entered a place where anything could happen. The eclectic dinner menu goes beyond a french cuisine, and serves up dishes such as; a braised rabbit gnocchi, rich risotto, Russian caviar and frog legs. The vast space has plenty of seating for large parties and the word around town is that their brunch menu is just as delectable.

(photo at the top of this post) Coco J’adore’s entrance is très élégante and so Instagram ready. Ellen Swandiak could not resist the photo-op.  Right, the interior is equally photogenic.

hobnobmag Coco Jadore NYC bar

Upon entering Coco J’adore you will notice a well-lit bar and plenty of seating options.

hobnobmag Coco Jadore NYC great design

Plush seating, generous variety of mixed medium design and unique contemporary art help make Coco J’adore stand out from the rest. Right, the audience awaits the Verbal Burlesque performance.

hobnobmag Coco Jadore NYC verbal burlesque with Michael Imperioli

The Soprano’s Michael Imperioli collaborated with actress Nomi Ruiz. They mesmerized us with their reading from Michael’s book, “The Perfume Burned His Eyes”.


Hobnob’s style editor enjoying Verbal Burlesque with a side of the most creamy burrata served with black bread.

hobnobmag Coco Jadore NYC Lydia Lunch performing Verbal Burlesque

Artist Lydia Lunch and her backup sound musicians, Tim Dahl and Matt Nelson, giving us their all.

hobnobmag Coco Jadore NYC mid century modern design

The mid-century details, yummy dishes and a polished aesthetic were right up our alley, making is feel right at home.

hobnobmag Coco Jadore NYC endive salad

We followed up our investigation with a petit dinner in August. Loved the faux fur addition in the seating in the front lounge. Right, the endive salad with walnuts and blue cheese.

hobnobmag Coco Jadore NYC cool art and tuna tartare

A pretty face greets you at the top of the staircase. Right, the tuna tartare appetizer arrived with a sprinkling of black-breadcrumbs. We were hoping it was caviar!

Coco J’adore, 1 Little W 12th St (betw 9th Ave/Gansevoort St)