This recipe allows you to spend practically no-time cooking, because you’ve got other things on your mind. Just pick up fresh butternut squash ravioli from your local market and throw in a pot of boiling water. In the 6 minutes it takes to cook you can make this quick ravioli sauce.

I chose this quick ravioli sauce to include in my aphrodisiac theme due to the rapidity of preparation. The creaminess of this dish will absolutely make for sensual eating. As for the aphrodisiacs? In addition to being bathed in brown butter, the ravioli is topped with hazelnuts—a rich source of vitamin E, associated with sexual function. As a matter of fact, in pagan days the hazel bush came to represent fertility because it is the first to flower in spring. Their tradition to “bless” fertility: hazel bush twigs were entwined into whips to stroke—or strike—[ahem] the private parts. This dinner is much tamer, lol.



butternut squash ravioli

Follow directions on pasta, but usually, boil for 6 to 8 min. Drain.


1/8 CUP hazelnuts, chopped

4 TB salted butter
10 fresh sage leaves, cut into thin strips
1/2 tsp salt
pinch of cayenne

juice of 1 lemon

Toast hazelnuts with a sprinkle of salt on a heated skillet, about 3 min. Add butter, sage, salt and cayenne. Stir constantly, until butter is melted with golden brown color and nutty aroma, about 3 min. Squeeze in lemon juice. Pour over ravioli. Garnish with small sage leaves.

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