Cheers, mates! This is owners’ Ed Szymanski and Patricia Howard second venture into New York’s culinary scene with British flair. At Dame, their ever-popular, impossible-to-get-a-res spot the menu is decidedly seafood and fresh veggie focused. Here, they went the opposite route, to zero in on meaty provisions. Having worked in both The Spotted Pig and Beatrice Inn will give you a clue to their level of finesse and creativity. I was lucky to get a last minute cancellation reservation for 4 on a Friday night, and joined three friends I hadn’t seen in quite a while. We were mentally set for something spectacular. 

The space is reminiscent of a traditional English pub, with some lovely granny touches. My British friend Chris, remarked: “I think my grandmother had these plates.” The ceiling was tin, and in the corner where we were stationed under a stairway, was wallpapered in an arts and crafts style pattern. The space is not large, but they make good use of it, with booths along one end and smaller wooden tables in the center. They even squeezed a couple of tables in the entry way to make use of every inch. 

Now, I have been in dark restaurants before, but this one went a tad too far! Maybe because we were in the corner, it was extremely difficult to see the food. I told our server that I felt like I was at one of those dinners where they blindfold you while eating!! We asked for more candles, and got two. This is my only complaint about the night. The food was absolutely spectacular on every level, and as I view the photos with this post, I can relive the incomparable tastes we experienced. Because I use a camera that works well in low light, I was able to get these photos and actually see what we had—after the fact. Thanks goodness for technology. 

Available on the menu: Welsh Rarebit, Duck Rillettes, Terrine of Crispy Pig’s Head, Butter Beans & Black Pudding, and a Pie of The Day (chicken, pig’s trotter and leek for instance). Above, our corner table and the Curried Lamb Scotch Egg, which was cooked to perfection and duly voted two thumbs up. Chris took a bite out of it to showcase the soft texture of the yoke. 

Though the menu is meat-centric, I dare say, we tended to go for the seafood and greens end of the spectrum, of which there were a few options. Above, a light salad with nice mixed greens and radicchio, Green Salad With Shallot Dressing. Right, the Cured Trout, Celeriac & Dill had the most marvelous soft texture and sat in a tasty broth. Superb. 

A view of the bar, and the bread offering. Note the softness of the butter. 

Bob had the Poached Skate, Potted Shrimp & Seaweed entree. It had a richness to it, not your typical light fish dish. Right, tables in the center of the room separated the booths from the bar area. There is a small private dining area behind the curtains in the back. 

The wine list hosts mostly French bottles. Right, Pam and Chris had the Sirloin Steak & Chips with Green Peppercorns. Quite satisfactory.

I ordered the Duck-Stuffed Cabbage, Mashed Potatoes & Brandied Prune. In essence, a firm duck meatball wrapped in a single cabbage leaf sat in a bed of fluffy mashed potatoes, covered in a rich sauce. Quite unusual, and delicious. Definitely a winter selection. 

We shared a trifle for dessert, this one with apples. The photo indicates the true lighting effect that night. As you can see, hard to determine what’s in the dish. Right, a couple of tables in the entryway, overlooking the dining room. 

Lord’s, 506 LaGuardia Pl (betw Bleecker/Houston St)