Delmonico’s is one of the most important restaurants in NYC’s culinary landscape since its inception in 1837. Almost two hundred years later people are clamoring to dine in this historic landmark. Mayor Eric Adams, Dennis Turcinovic, owner and operator of Delmonico’s Restaurant Group, and Max Tucci, Partner and Global Brand Officer of Delmonico’s welcomed everyone back after three years of closure. 

Delmonico’s is older than the Statue of Liberty and even the Brooklyn Bridge. It is older than Grand Central and synonymous with unparalleled dining experience and excellent service so naturally patrons flocked their way in to indulge in delicious cocktails and some of their famous Delmonico’s Steak.  

Max Tucci, Partner and Global Brand Officer of Delmonico’s, media personality, and author of the cookbook, The Delmonico Way, Sublime Entertaining and Legendary Recipes from the Restaurant that Made New York as well as the third generation running this landmark place shared some thoughts while warmly welcoming us. Almost 100 years ago his grandfather saw 56 Beaver Building and knew that it should not be knocked down. He took over the business and made Delmonico’s brand and legacy.

“Thank you for being at Delmonico’s. What today means to me is really the retrospect of everything. My grandfather, my father, my Aunt Mary, and my grandmother did everything to keep Delmonico’s alive throughout decades. Remember my grandfather bought this building in 1925 and started a speakeasy and then kept the tradition of Delmonico’s alive. And so for me opening today was really remembering what my grandfather said: ‘All are welcome at my table.’ And so that’s what today means to me, welcoming back New York, welcoming back the world. And not only am I the third generation partner, I’m also the global brand officer. So it’s about bringing really the world back to Delmonico’s and opening up those double doors.”

Mayor Eric Adams reflected on the Financial District and rebuilding after September 11th as well as New York spirit and resiliency. He was a lieutenant for the police department at the time. “It was a moment that was a hit in the gut for all, but something also happened on September 12. We got up! People thought that we were gonna run in fear and terror and we did just the opposite. We gave the entire country the energy being ground zero for that attack, to get back up.” 

Mayor Eric Adam’s continued: “There are only two types of Americans, those who live in New York and those who wish they could! Delmonico’s is one of the reasons we are happy to be here, I am so proud of this great restaurant. And to have a mother here who’s really looking over her children. This is a great institution for so many years. It is a cornerstone of who we are, what we are! Standing here on William and Beaver street to say we’re opening again, come in, do what you have to do. And if you are a tourist out there we only ask you to do one thing. Spend money, spend a lot of money!“

America’s first fine dining restaurant, the newly redesigned Delmonico’s will continue its tradition of offering patrons a curated menu that showcases classic dishes and contemporary creations. Guests can expect an exquisite dining experience that combines the restaurant’s timeless elegance with a modern twist.

Delmonico’s, 56 Beaver Street (at the intersection of William/South William)