Since I grew up in a New York-Slovakian household, I developed a love for this pork product. If fresh bacon could have added garlic in it, this would be it.

If you have a local Eastern European market near you, then you must seek this out. In Manhattan, there is an East Village holdout which has exceptional varieties, some more smoked than others (and they ship). It’s your party hosting best friend in that it can be boiled, roasted, fried, or just sliced as is. Once you try, you will be hooked. If so, you can try Hobnob’s other recipe: Kielbasa & Tortellini Bites with Smoky Paprika Oil, which pairs the kielbasa with pasta and a smoky blast.

(Tip: Do not substitute the product called kielbasa that you may find in your local supermarket, it is nothing like the real thing.)

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1 ring of thick kielbasa


dijon mustard


Cut the kielbasa into 1/4-inch slices. Top a slice of baguette of roughly the same size. With a small spoon, add a dollop of mustard. Cut cornichon in half lengthwise so it sits flat atop the mustard.

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