We are excited about Citizens culinary market, which is as sleek as it is delicious! Designed by award-winning architect David Rockwell, the stunning 40,000 square-feet space opened October 25th in Brookfield Properties’ Manhattan West. It’s on the far west side,  close to Hudson Yards and the 30th Street entrance to the Highline. The cutting-edge kiosks and restaurants are operated by C3 (Creating Culinary Communities) run by the famed businessman and entrepreneur CEO Sam Nazarian. The global brands include: Umami Burger, Krispy Rice, Plant Nation, Soom Soom Fresh Mediterranean, El Pollo Verde, Cicci di Carne and Cindy Lou’s Cookies. We caught up with a few of the star chefs from Los Angeles-based company C3 at the opening-night party. 

image above by Emily Andrews

C3 Corporate Executive Chef Michael Israel told HOBNOB Magazine: “What drives us is creating the gold standard in each category. You can order on the terminals in the market or on the Go by Citizens app from any of the stalls, and it comes on one ticket.” Take-out may be eaten inside and outside or you can take it to-go. Delivery—with no fees — is another option. 

images of chefs by Laurie Heifetz

LA-based chef Alvin Cailan is the “new face” of Umami Burger. This is what he shared with us: “I used to eat the Umami burger when I worked on the [cooking] line. Being Filipino and the host of ‘The Burger Show’ (on First We Feast’s YouTube channel), it’s what I know. We offer a burger with international flare and flavor. It’s beef, cheese and a bun with sauce treated with umami. It’s not bespoke; it’s not Chipotle where you pick and choose. Each burger has been thought out and composed. I’ve been working on this for the last five months. Umami is literally the fifth taste, in addition to sour, sweet, salty and bitter. It’s savory, earthy, mouth-watering. The Japanese have considered umami part of the flavor group forever.” 

And then there’s dessert! Chef Cindy Kruse, the founder of Cindy Lou’s Cookies, told us: “I wanted to make a difference. The world needs sweetness!” People have told me, “You made my day better. You made my party better. We’re an old-fashioned bakery, with cookies that grandma used to make. They’re nostalgic. Old-fashioned is going out of style — all butter, all eggs, all sugar. My cookie is not intended to be eaten every day. It’s a treat. It resonates with the public because it’s a classic, with no rosemary, no salt. It’s six ounces in weight, the size of your face!” she laughed. The Chocolate Chip, the Nutella, the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut and Peanut Butter are some cookies that won’t rotate.” Her favorite? The Lemon Cloud. For Thanksgiving, we can look forward to Pumpkin Snickerdoodles, and for Christmas, Ginger Molasses. Pumpkin Spice will be featured for both Halloween and Christmas.

Hudson Yards restaurants

Katsuya, from Master Sushi Chef Uechi Katsuya includes indoor dining and also an elevated, outdoor space where you feel like you are escaping it all, despite being surrounded by tall buildings. Both restaurants are slated to open in late November or early December. Seen above, Shinji Kujita, Executive Chef of Katsu-Ya Group. image above of restaurant by Emily Andrews

Hudson Yards Restaurants Citizens5

Outdoor dining is available at Katsuya, slated to be open late November or early December.

Citizens, 398 10th Ave (enter at 33rd St)