New York City has a handful of sober bars, but only one offers up their space to creativity. Introducing Hekate, a place where you can get a mocktail, a tarot reading, meet a coven of witches and shop all at the same time. This is not to say that you have to be a witch to enter, but it is certainly a pleasant venue for anyone who yearns to find their community. Hekate just so happens to be located right next to Enchantments, New York’s oldest witch shop. The fact that the two are right next to each other is pure coincidence. 

Hekate owner, Abby Ehmann, serves cocktails at a local East Village haunt Lucky, but she also believes that booze should not be the only reason for socializing. Since Hekate opened in the spring, the bar took off. Abby has opened the space up for events of all kinds. The East Village entrepreneur wanted to create a space for people to come and be themselves. On any night of the week you might find yourself enjoying a poetry reading, live music, or a tasting of non-alcoholic spirits. 

Our favorite cocktail is The Healer (seen above and in the photo at the top of this post). Leaving Hekate you feel empowered and inspired, minus the hangover. Bring a date that enjoys the sober life, or come for a lively discussion on art, music, and spirituality. 

On one side of the bar is a cabinet of retail curiosities, where you can shop fun jewelry and t-shirts or herbal tinctures and teas. The bar serves special elixirs, mocktails, zero ABV beers and custom teas. If you are a sober bar regular, this is where you will find all your favorites, like Three Spirits, Lyre’s and Everleaf, and you might even discover some new ones. 

Hekate Cafe and Elixir Bar, 167 Avenue B (betw 10th/11th St)