I’m on the mailing list of a lot of NYC restaurants so I can keep up with what’s going on there, even though I may not visit for some time. (i.e. too many places, so little time!) I want to share my favorite spots that have been sending out positive messages and offering up a package of deals. Take advantage of this now, because once the city opens up again, they will go back to being the places you might not get into! With food delivery NYC you can look forward to eating in style and comfort. Here’s a couple of picks I love:

The Beatrice Inn

The Beatrice Inn is known for its exemplary meat dishes. They are pricey, but so worth it. Now you can get the same expert dishes for less. Sign up to get their emails to hear about the daily specials, which come with a personal message from Chef Angie Mar, along with an amazing deal for a lovingly-made dish. Here’s an example from last week (Roast of Pork with Apples, Bacon & Cream photo at the top of this post)

A Warming Roast to Close Out Our Week… This week, I found myself spending the mornings at the Beatrice, locked away in my office, buried in cookbooks I’d once loved and then forgotten, and those that I had yet to open.

One thing was resoundingly clear: I just wanted comfort. I know the internet is rife with recipes, some of mine are even on it. But there is nothing like holding a book in your own two hands, flipping through its pages, smelling the paper, and reliving the meals once cooked through the stains on its pages.

The book “Pork & Sons” has long been a favorite of mine. To flip through its pages is to be transported to rural France—an escape for the mind that I very much needed this week.

In homage to that beautiful book, tonight’s Family Meal will be a Roast of Pork with Apples, Bacon & Cream. Roasted low and slow with herbs, all afternoon, then made rich, tangy and sweet all at once by adding creme fraiche, apples and garlic—I’d wager that this is the comfort food that we all need currently. In true “Pork & Sons” style, it will be coming with a bit of buttered brioche, because a dish like this calls for something to mop up the sauces with. It’s perfect for two and $48.

Their Sheppard’s Pie (photo at the top of this post) comes with Bitter Green & Romaine Salad for $45 and is perfect for two. Steak lovers: Chef Angie Mar entices with the offer of a “60-Day Dry Aged Rib Eye, bone in (as it should be), grilled and finished with a rich, and unctuous herbed butter. And, in the classic steakhouse vein that I am missing so ardently right now, it will be coming with a hearts of romaine salad, with a chive and blue cheese dressing and bacon lardons. It’s perfect for two at $87.” Their most beloved dish, Buttermilk Fried Chicken, is sometimes available, double dipped and dressed in spiced honey, for $16. The Beatrice Inn

Food Delivery NYC Airs Champagne Parlor

Air’s Champagne Parlor

Along with a sommelier-chosen bottle of bubbly, you can now get caviar delivered. From the email:

NOW DELIVERING CAVIAR: If you’re hangin’, drinking those wines and bubbles, why not pair it up with some caviar. We have three different caviar styles plus a build your own caviar sandwich package. Seems like a crazy time for caviar, but you guys have been asking. Why not give the people what they want? Choose as many wines as you’d like from the Air’s or Niche Niche wine lists. Can’t decide on which bottle? Play Wine Roulette with us. You pick a price and we choose you a delicious ass wine! Complete list is 25% off!

Treat yourself! They offer: Caviar Sandwich Kit $65; Bowin Black 250 Grams $85; Kaluga Osetra 125 Gram $145; Kaluga Osetra 250 Gram $245; Golden Osetra 1 Oz. $95; Golden Osetra 125 Grams $305. Their “snacks” are superb as well: Olives $5; Daily Vegetarian Dip $7; Homemade Focaccia $10; Charcuterie Plate $25; Cheese Plate $27; Cheese & Charcuterie Plate $32 Air’s Champagne Parlor

Food Delivery NYC Club Cumming

Club Cumming

And now for something completely different. When you are done dining and need a little hilarity you can rely on Alan Cumming to supply a revue of entertaining characters. Head to their Instagram profile, #clubcumming.

Info from their email announcement on April 7: Alan kicked things off on Monday adding to the story throughout the day, going live for an “ask me anything” session, and capping the night with a video from that one time the broadway cast of CATS came to the club and threw one hell of a Jellicle Ball! TONIGHT! Richard Cortez goes live at 11p.m. for some chats and tunes with his fellow Jazzers of the Club Cumming Jazz Collective. Wednesday we hand things over to Angela DiCarlo for a taste of her A.D.D. Cabaret that she graces us with quarterly at the club. In true Thursday fashion, it’s Viva La Diva! with DJ William Francis and co-hosts Catrina Lovelace and Lola Michele-Kiki! Friday we pass the baton to FEMME, so put on your pumps for a gender-bent dance party in the comfort of your own living room. But don’t overdue it Friday because Saturday DJ Bright Light Bright Light brings you his ever popular Romy + Michele’s Saturday Afternoon Tea Dance! And rounding up the weekend we have Ms. Amber Martin all day Sunday bringing you her enclave of kooky characters and delicious vocals!

Sign up for their newsletter here:  to receive a hilarious description of that week’s shows and news. Club Cumming