Tribeca’s charm is more than just a walk through the cobblestoned alleyways and views of lofts with wide window panes you’d see in 1980s films like Ghost and others. In this little sector of downtown Manhattan, culinary experiences like no other are available for your palate to experience. Estancia 460, is a hidden gem offering an Argentine experience that will have you stopping by for more, and has been feeding locals since 1995.

Typical Argentine restaurants are found in boroughs such as Queens and Brooklyn. Estancia 460 is located on a quiet part of Greenwich Street, one of the many charming cobblestone streets of Tribeca. The storefront gives off that European artsy like vibe, which one can experience when visiting Buenos Aires, since it is a city full of eateries, cafes, and more in Argentina. 

When you first step foot into Estancia 460, you are greeted by staff members running the front of the house and owner Stacey Sosa. The space is styled as a typical Argentine ranch house with its white washed brick walls, high ceilings, simple wooden tables and chairs. Art features a vintage butcher’s poster and a chic wall full of wine bottles and traditional provisions. Sosa describes Estancia 460 “the Cheers of Tribeca,” the neighborhood’s happy place, and ultimate clubhouse. She mentions that her clientele includes downtown financiers and many others, who stop by every day.

At Estancia 460, patrons can enjoy thin crust pizzas, delectable pastas, sizzling shrimp, savory empanadas and grass-fed beef while drinking glasses of wine from an assorted list or eclectic cocktails. Photo above shows their typical assortment of dishes, plus the seasonal rose sangria, much loved in summer months. 

On our visit, we started off with empanadas as big as your fist, which were stuffed with grass-fed beef and manchego cheese. The empanadas had a side of chimichurri, which is a popular green or red, Spanish “raw” sauce that originated in Argentina and Uruguay and is used for both marinades, to cook with, and as a condiment you add on the side of your dishes. In this case, we would drizzle some chimichurri into our empanadas after every bite. 

Following the empanadas, we ordered a Parrillada for 2, which is a mixed grill of fresh meats. A typical Argentine Parrillada consists of beef, pork ribs, chitterlings, sweetbread, sausages, blood sausages, and chicken, which is accompanied by sides such as white rice, a potato salad, french fries, or just a green salad. At Estancia 460 the Parrillada for 2 contained an assortment of grilled strip steak, hanger steak, chicken, Argentine chorizo, roasted potatoes, sides of chimichurri and a tomato onion salad. It was so fresh and filling and certainly enough for two!

The other dish we ordered was a Milanesa Napolitana. The Milanesa was brought to South America by Italian immigrants in the late 1800s and rapidly became a popular dish among Argentines and is still quite the hit. It’s made with breaded beef, veal, or chicken, and pan-fried in oil. Estancia 460 has a plethora of Milanesas on the menu, however, the Milanesa Napolitana caught our interest, since it is topped with Prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato sauce, and paired with a side of crispy french fries. This dish was indeed crispy, sweet, and salty, due to the combination of flavors arriving from the prosciutto and tomato sauce. While we ate, we enjoyed a bottle of Domaine Bousquet Malbec 2020, which is a certified organic Malbec from Argentina containing a nice creamy texture and a smoky aroma with refined raspberry and red currant flavors. 

For our sweet ending, we had traditional Argentine crepes, which were stuffed with dulce de leche and were accompanied by a side of berries, one of Argentina’s most loved desserts. This is a staple on any dessert menu at Argentine restaurants, which are known as panqueques de dulce de leche. These crepes drip that warm, sweet, sticky caramel goodness known as dulce de leche, which everyone loves.

Overall, Estancia 460 offers lunch, brunch, dinner, happy hour, and more. This is the ultimate locale to bring your family over for dinner, to celebrate an accomplishment with loved ones, to stop by for lunch, make friends, or even host an event. 

For more information on Estancia 460, follow them on Instagram @estancia460.

Estancia 460, 460 Greenwich St (betw Watts/Desbrosses St)

photos via @estancia460 and Aida M. Toro