These places provided a healthy and sensible way to start the day, and all were located within a short walking distance from the center of town.

Two Pups

What a find! Located a block or so east of St Patrick’s Cathedral was this little gem. It reminded me of the many coffee shops in NYC’s Greenwich Village, quaint and subdued, with friendly service. It’s the type of place where you order at the counter and your food is brought to you. Since it was another lovely day, we opted to sit in the back near the open door and slowly move into the day. twopupscoffee

(photo at the top of this post)Outside Two Pups, we could already feel its charms.

hobnobmag Dublin's Hot Spots for Lunch

There were healthy baked goods to be had, as seen in these whole wheat scones near the counter. Right, the beet salad was excellent, refreshing. Love the thin strips of radish.

hobnobmag Dublin's Hot Spots for Lunch

Our lovely server, whose outfit I admired. Right, a grilled cheese sandwich with pickles and lots of greens on the side. After a night of frivolity and running around, this truly hit the spot. We shared this dish with the salad.

hobnobmag Dublin's Hot Spots for Lunch

Seen in the front of the cafe across from the counter. Right, we ordered this out of curiosity: Cod croquettes served with a rich cream. A taste sensation!

No. 27 at The Shelbourne

Back to our favorite spot, this time for lunch. It was Saturday, and kind of quiet, and we planted ourselves on a long high-top table and awaited our order while I entered thoughts into my trip diary. (My best friend’s mom advised me long ago that keeping a trip diary is a great discipline. They are really fun to read years later when all those little foibles and triumphs that depicted the trip are brought back).

hobnobmag Dublin's Hot Spots for Lunch

This was our first foray into The Shelbourne, was probably around 5pm on a Sunday, so pretty filled up with those brunching and early cocktailing. We ended up at the table in front of the window, which gave up a view of people-watching on St Stephens Green.

hobnobmag Dublin's Hot Spots for Lunch

I thought this would be a good spot to get a burger. I am guessing, since the server did not ask me how I wanted it cooked that there is a law against rare beef. Perhaps since the Mad Cow scare? So, it was a bit overcooked and disappointing. Alas! Fries were wonderfully topped with a truffle cheese sauce. Right, the flowers in the lobby changed frequently.

hobnobmag Dublin's Hot Spots for Lunch

Bob ordered the club sandwich. Right, coffee was simply divine, and served on proper china.

The Ivy

A luxurious and colorful spot housed the trip’s final lunch. Located on a Dawson Street corner, this place is part of an upscale chain of establishments located all over the UK.

hobnobmag Dublin's Hot Spots for Lunch

The front entrance enticed many passers by to take their picture amongst the flora. Right: Crab linguine: Pasta and courgette linguine, chilli, smoked garlic, lemon and rocket. I had asked for the chilis to be removed, as I was afraid of a spicy dish the day before flying back home. Unfortunately, they forgot, and the dish was on the spicy side. I had to send it back, and got an order of the eggs royale instead. They were very accommodating!

hobnobmag Dublin's Hot Spots for Lunch

Eggs Royale and chips was a combination of organic smoked salmon, two poached hen’s eggs, soda farls (the bread), in a hollandaise sauce, with a side of watercress and chips. This was very rich. The salmon was superb, so I focused on eating that. Right, the brunch scene on a Sunday.

hobnobmag Dublin's Hot Spots for Lunch

They had a styilsh place setting, with fine linen napkins and coffee accoutrement. Right, the room around the other side. Having the corner and all those windows made for a charming atmosphere.

The Shack

In Temple Bar area, The Shack was located right across the street from that area’s most popular destination: the actual Temple Bar. The Shack proved to be a haven with a traditional vibe and a menu that offered everyone at the table something to enjoy.

hobnobmag Dublin's Hot Spots for Lunch

Allison’s cappucino came properly adorned. Right, the space was as comfortable as sitting in an old friend’s home. Perhaps someone with a small manor.

hobnobmag Dublin's Hot Spots for Lunch

I got the salad, which came topped with a variety of nuts and seeds. Turns out, throughout the trip, the Irish tend to add nuts or seeds into almost every salad, a practice I can support! Right, Bob ordered a hearty soup, since it was a little rainy out while we ate, but cleared up by the time we finished. Efficient scheduling to make the most of this vacation.

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