In a true New York fashion, the new roaring twenties will likely have us indulging in pizza, bubbles and oysters. The newly opened Coco Pazzeria NYC offers all three.

While New Yorkers love to argue about the best pizza, we say there can never be enough pizza, especially when made with ingredients sourced throughout Italy. Restaurateur Pino Luongo, known for Coco Pazza, teamed up with industry veterans, Ciro Verdi and Alessandro Bandini, creating a dynamic pizzeria experience. While Coco Pazzeria’s concept is meant to invite the neighborhood in for a laid-back good time, their menu and ingredients are anything but. The tomatoes are from Cilento, fiordilatte from Campania, capers and anchovies from Sicily, oregano from Pantelleria, artisanal flour from the Neapolitan region and olive oil from Tuscany. 

coco pazzeria NYC pizza

The curated menu offers buzzetti, focaccia bread pizza, panozzi, thin crust pizzas, and more – several made using Luongo’s renowned pasta sauces as pizza toppings. To top it all off, Coco Pazzeria will feature a raw bar and wide selection of bubbles. We think this might become the most popular date spot in the city. 

coco pazzeria NYC pizza

Coco Pazzeria’s Soho location opened late January and Coco Pazzeria in Sutton Place is well on its way to opening soon. 

coco pazzeria NYC pizza

“The team and I wanted to excite diners with new flavors, a new experience and restore some of the ‘joie de vivre’ the pandemic has stolen from the dining scene. We had fun developing this concept, letting loose our creativity, audacity and more than a little ‘pazzo’ as we worked.” said owner, Pino Luongo.

coco pazzeria NYC chefs Ciro Verdi and Alessandro Bandini and Pino Luongo

Coco Pazzeria, 307 Spring Street (betw Hudson/Greenwich St) 

Coco Pazzeria, 1078 First Avenue (NE corner 59th St), the Sutton Place location is coming soon.