Just in time for the celebratory season comes a limited edition non-alcoholic beer, Santa Clausthaler, sporting Jolly St Nick right on the label. 

This 50/50 blend of Clausthaler Original and cranberry-cinnamon drink, makes it a unique and interesting beverage to include in your holiday repertoire. Clausthaler is known for brewing real tasting beer with a patented process developed in the 1970s. Their method extracts the ingredients that produce alcohol during the brewing process instead of removing the alcohol after brewing. Most non-alcoholic brewers add water to reduce the alcohol, which is why they often have a watered-down taste. Santa Clausthaler is anything but watered-down. 

This mix truly tickles the taste buds with something completely new. You may be wondering what beer mixed with cranberry and cinnamon tastes like—I admit feeling a bit skeptical on hearing about this combination. Well, I was nicely surprised. I would compare the taste to a delicate gingerbread with an accent on the cinnamon. It was earthy and just slightly sweet. I recommend offering this to the person who enjoys a mildly sweet cocktail, rather than a tried-and-true beer drinker. 

Santa Clausthaler is available throughout the United States in 6-pack, 11.2oz bottles at a suggested retail price of $8.99, while supplies last. 

Clausthaler delivers a variety of options for all sorts of tastes. The Original was once mistaken for a full-on alcohol beer at a German wedding where the keg lines got mixed up. (see the website for the full story). Clausthaler Original is created in strict accordance with Germany’s purity laws, and has a genuine beer taste that is well-balanced with a creamy feel. The Dry-Hopped version is a beer lover’s choice, full-bodied and hoppy with hints of malty caramel. In the summertime, reach for the fun fruit flavor of Grapefruit for a refreshing twist. clausthaler.com