Bottle and Bine takes its name from its well-thought-out bar program. Bottle, refers to their wine list, and Bine (the stem of the hop plant) to their craft beer selections—many of which are on tap. See the details on our fab dinner here.

Who To Take: A date or a buddy to sample the beers and wine on tap or someone looking for a proper foodie dinner

[SADLY THIS PLACE HAS PERMANENTLY CLOSED, BUT WE MANAGED TO GET A COUPLE OF COCKTAIL RECIPES FROM MOSES LABOY THAT ARE FAB] Sixteen draft lines of craft beer here change daily, so it pays to make a lot of visits, to keep up! That being said, the food here is definitely worth a trek. We were served an extraordinary menu by Chef Angie Berry, formerly of Asiate in the Mandarin Oriental at Columbus Circle. Luckily, I went with my friend Jenn, who will try just about anything and is also great company.

We started with Beef Tartare (seen in the photo at the top of this post) topped with crisps and Game Bird Terrine presented in the most artistic way. Both dishes were excellent, and were scooped up with the inviting, crustless bread.

HOBNOBMAG Bottle and Bine dinner

HOBNOBMAG Bottle and Bine dinner

Our Little Gem Lettuces salad came adorned with pretty purple chips in a buttermilk dressing. Getting hungry yet? We split an Atlantic Halibut that came in a sea of frothy brown butter and butternut squash and crispy buckwheat.

HOBNOBMAG Bottle and Bine dinner

Though now full, we were presented with dessert (and did not want to insult!) and enjoyed the Warm Chocolate Cake and Panna Cotta, both beautifully plated. Such a treat.

In addition to our fancy fare, the cocktails made their own statement. Mixologist Moses Laboy practically made us swoon with the My Little Butter to accompany dessert, which is bourbon infused with—yes—butter. The Smoke Show comes with a small performance and a little fire, and hits the spot during the colder months. (See the photos and Laboy’s cocktail recipes here .)

HOBNOBMAG Bottle and Bine cocktails

BOTTLE & BINE, 1085 Second Ave just below 57th St; for dining head upstairs to the dining room, for drinking stay downstairs and park yourself at the long bar.