On yet another sweltering day in the summer in Manhattan, we trekked over to the West Village in search of light and fresh fare. Blenheim delivered the goods in the form of light salads (including one with toasted quinoa that rocked!), oysters, and ultra light pasta dishes in foamy sauces and creams.

Who To Take: a date or someone hankering for fresh and light minimalist fare

This is actual farm-to-table in action. Food on the menu comes directly from their 150-acre farm in the Catskills, called Blenheim Hill. On the farm they also raise free-roaming livestock such as guinea hens, Hereford and black angus beef, heritage pigs, and Icelandic lamb. A hydroponic greenhouse houses the veggies, with year-round varietals of edible flowers, herbs, peas, beans, barley, cucumbers, and heirloom tomatoes.


This spot is cozy and tight, with a wall of tables facing a bar clad in rough wood paneling, and has nice high ceilings for extra breathing room. Morten Sohlberg, one of the owners, used his design talent to create custom-made furniture for the space to extend the soft and minimalist, yet rustic feeling of the space. At the rear of the space is a private dining area known as “The Tool Shed” whose walls are covered in their 18th century tool collection, which can hold up to 26 diners.

Blenheim NYC Dinner


Dinner began with some sparkling rose, and oysters—which arrived in a unique display. I love when restaurants put thought into every detail, and the plating here was notable.

Salads were the only thing on our minds, due to the high temperatures, and the fact that the restaurant’s AC was having trouble combating the heat. Fresh vegetables mixed with nuts and grains in a clean, healthy, artsy way. Photo at the top shows the salad with toasted quinoa, that made a quinoa lover out of me. Toasting was the key!

Blenheim NYC Dinner

Pastas arrived dressed in light, airy foams, and minute portions that also fit the day.

Blenheim NYC Dinner

Blenheim NYC Dinner

Blenheim, 283 w 12th St (northwest corner of w 4th St)