A fresh berry with a punch of blue cheese and crunchy pecans could appeal to those who shy away from things that are overly-sweet. It’s a fantastic summer recipe for a light dessert, which takes advantage of the strawberries at your local farmers’ market, and and an artisanal cheese from your local cheese monger.

This light dessert is so easy to assemble—the blue cheese adheres to the fruit, and the nuts stick to the cheese. Make sure to leave on the strawberry’s green tops, so it can be used as a handle for picking berries up. Include this ensemble if you are planning to do a 4th of July buffet—I love the red, white, and blue effect.



18 large strawberries
Maytag blue cheese, softened
20 pecans, chopped

Cut each strawberry in half leaving the greens intact. On each half, spoon on a little blue cheese, push down with thumb. Spread chopped pecans on a cutting board. Turn strawberries face down and press the blue cheese into the chopped nuts. Arrange on serving platter.


There are so many varieties of blue cheese, each one with its own texture, piquancy and taste. Keep in mind raw cheeses offer a more complex flavor profile, with a sense of terroir. Ask for tastes at your local cheese emporium!
[1] Gorgonzola Mountain -italy- Cow’s milk. Strong.
[2] Gorgonzola Dolce -italy- Cow’s milk. Soft, spreadable.
[3] Maytag Blue -iowa- Raw cow’s milk. Quintessential.
[4] Great Hill Blue -massachusetts- Raw cow’s milk. Piquant, slightly sweet.
[5] Fourme D’Ambert -france- Raw cow’s milk. Dense, crumbly.

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