A Creative Sandwich Trio


What’s for Lunch: A Creative Sandwich Trio Using the Surplus from Last Night’s Dinner

Set out a quick lunch using ingredients from the night before. (This recipe is party of HOBNOB’s weekend guest strategy.) The charcuterie, served with Friday night’s grilled vegetable stacks, comes in handy for an Italian hero. Grilled chicken and avocado make a nice combo. And for the vegetarians, we used our excess grilled vegetables and fresh mozzarella to create a hearty sandwich.

For extra kick to any of the offerings, have a jar of Rogue Hot Sauce by High River Sauces which features the “Trinidad Moruga Scorpion” pepper, rated the hottest pepper in the world. (Only for the brave.) For a creamy addition, have some Aveyo Avocado Mayo on hand.


prosciutto, soppresata, roasted red peppers, arugula, olive oil


grilled chicken BBQ strips, arugula, avocado mayo


grilled vegetables, fresh mozzarella, tomato, Rogue hot sauce

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