Here’s an idea for a low-cal cocktail that also exudes an unusual glowing tone. It’s a super lemon-y taste sensation.

This cocktail is an antidote to holiday excess, and is designed to tie-in with my Chill Party theme, showcasing a menu of all-white food. Its futuristic glow comes from a lemonade-based low-cal mixer and japanese pop. Pair it with a super botanical gin to keep the party alive and kickin’. For garnish, add a wheel of kumquat. Chill the mixture in pitchers and serve straight up in a coupe glass.


[1] The Botanist is artisanally distilled in small batches in the land that whisky made famous. Twenty-two foraged botanicals from the island of Islay are combined to create the special flavor of this gin. Creates a lively complexity, needing only simple mixers to create a satisfying cocktail. About $34.

HOBNOBMAG low-cal cocktail

[2] Vitamin Water Zero Squeezed Lemonade has a citrus-y taste and zero calories. Added vitamins (C, B5, B6, A, E) minerals and electrolytes can come in handy during the party season. $1.89 a bottle or $45 for 24 bottles online at

[3] Calpico, a Japanese soft drink, gives this cocktail its futuristic luminosity. Made with sugar, milk, and the bacteria normally found in yogurt, the taste is similar to a lemon-lime soda. I got this at the Japanese market in the east village, NYC. Sunrise Mart, 298 Third Avenue near 10th Street. $1.89.

[4] Sliced kumquats do a nice job of sitting on the rim of a glass without getting in the way. Also adorable set out in small bowls for decorative purposes or snacking. It bears a wonderfully sweet, tangy taste—eat the skin and all.

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