Who we are

Who we are

HOBNOB is your ultimate source to help “Throw Better Parties.” Monthly themed parties are cleverly staged throughout the year as the reason for the season. You’ll get the tools, tricks and techniques to pull off your next party without a hitch.

Visit HOBNOBMAG.com for the current party theme, as well as weekly blog content with recipes, fashion and beverages from the hottest chefs, mixologists and designers on the scene today. Party Plan archives are available for reference or full PDF download on the site as well.

<strong>LET’S GET SOCIAL.</strong> Pin photos of your version of the party @pinterest/HOBNOBMAG and follow our party tips @facebook/HOBNOBMAG; @twitter/HOBNOBMAG; @intstagram/HOBNOBMAG.

<strong>IT’S IN THE GENES.</strong> Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Ellen Swandiak is your party planning guru. Growing up in a Slovak immigrant family, Ellen experienced entertaining as a natural part of life. The Swandiaks supplied enough food and drink to feed an army. Singing was customary, and if half of the guests weren’t napping by the end of the day, something wasn’t right! Patriarch, Steve Swandiak, was an accomplished and enthusiastic cook—famous for offering a taste of his latest creation. He would come at you holding a spoon shouting, “Best in the West!” You had no choice but to open your mouth and taste it. His joy and charismatic ways live on after him. Ellen’s mom, Emily, was his sous chef, and love of his life. To this day she makes sure that visitors always have something to nibble and sip. With this as her baseline, Ellen has made it her mission to spread the word on hosting finesse.

<em>A WORD OF THANKS. “I want to take this opportunity to give thanks to Steve Swandiak, my father—for teaching me to appreciate the simple things in life, like the fresh veggies grown in our garden in Upstate New York, for showing me how to conserve and when to splurge, and most of all, for paving the way for me in the art of making guests feel welcome. —Ellen Swandiak</em>

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