Cognoscenti, in Italian, translates to: people who have superior knowledge and understanding of a particular field, especially in the fine arts, literature and fashion. You’ll see all that and more in The Cognoscenti’s Guide to Florence.

Get an insider’s view into one of the most beautiful and artistic cities in the world: Florence—whose very essence exudes creativity in every nook and cranny.

hobnobmag book Cognoscenti’s Guide to Florence

The book is divided into eight walks that will take you off the beaten track. You’ll discover more than seventy of the city’s most interesting shops that house rare books, vintage clothing, tailor-made shoes, rich fabrics, specialty foods, and so much more. In addition to shopping, the pocket-sized guide has culinary recommendations and map of cafes, restaurants, and bakeries so you always know where you can take a break from shopping and enjoy Italian culinary delights.

Gorgeous photos of each space really paint the picture of the shops. It’s a fitting tribute to an exceptional city. I want to go to Florence right now!

The Cognoscenti’s Guide to Florence by Louise Fili & Lise Apatof

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