The smoky strands of this design perfectly fit the mood of the plan for a  smokin’ hot party. Get this invitation out so your friends can drop by and share the sultry vibe and food.

My party plan  showcases smoky tastes in food and drink, and now mood! Get your buds over to try some interesting bites, and fun cocktails, and general mayhem.

We’ve teamed up with Paperless Post so you can invite and track guests through their website. Customize the invite with the your own compelling message or consider using the suggested text below to get everyone on board. Explore the site for more options—and get the party started.

strike a match, strike a pose,
where this party goes,
no one knows

menu and bar featuring all things

make sure to dress
in shades of gray
& wispy accessories


We've got more recipes with smoky ingredients to wow guests with, check it out in 01 Smoked