This modern party invitation hints at childhood basements of the 60s with wood paneling and no-nonsense decor—which goes hand in hand with this party plan that includes fun games to play.

In the doldrums of winter, people are mostly not in party mode. You can change that with this fun concept, that takes absolutely minimal effort. See the entire plan for hosting a Lazy Pizza Party, then get your buds over for some fun, and mentally challenging, parlor games. They will then you for getting them out of the house and into some fun.

We’ve teamed up with Paperless Post so you can invite and track guests through their website. This wood grain design sets the tone for the laid-back gathering to come. Customize the invite with your own compelling message. Explore the site for more options—and get the party started.

at the lazy pizza party

unusual toppings, italian rossos and
the best beers will accompany

casual dress and attitude