We all enjoy a cocktail, (or two or three!), but we all know the healthier the ingredients the better for our well being—and let’s be honest, hangovers. Enter Black Infusions which is composed of only two ingredients: dried fruit and vodka. We attended a special tasting of this spirit at VinoTapa in the Kips Bay neighborhood of New York City, and envision this infused vodka with dried fruit as our best friend all summer. 

Black Infusions is a small producer who keeps things traditional. They were inspired by the old-fashioned method of steeping real fruit in neutral spirits made from corn. This artisanal vodka is made in small batches creating a balance of rich fruit and acidity with a tannin structured finish. Currently there are three flavors: Black Fig, Gold Apricot, and latest addition, Dark Cherry. All flavors are delicious on the rocks, however the spirit also adds a great twist to classic cocktails from Margaritas to Old Fashions. 

The cherries selected for Black Infusions Dark Cherry variety are a combination of Bing and Rainier varietals grown and dried in California. Each bottle contains an impressive seven pounds of fresh fruit. The company’s flavored vodka products were created by Michael Davidson, CEO of Black Infusions and Boston-area entrepreneur. 

“The addition of Dark Cherry strengthens our portfolio at a time when consumers are looking for fewer ingredients and less alcohol,” said Michael Davidson, Black Infusions CEO. “Bartenders are also thrilled by the new addition. All of the Black Infusions products offer tremendous flavor and texture without added sugar.”

Now with Summer quickly approaching you must have heard about the drink of the season 2022? It is Dirty Shirley! The Shirley Temple has been a popular mocktail for decades, often served to children. The adult version is made ‘dirty’ with vodka. 

The Black Infusions Dirty Shirley in a can was created by Barbara Davidson, Co-Founder of Black Infusions, who remembers with nostalgia, ordering a Shirley Temple as a child. “It was special, it was fun and it was yummy, and after the last two years, I figured we could all use a reminder of simpler times. Our new Dark Cherry vodka gives us a delicious yet all-natural twist with the convenience of a can.” Black Infusions Dirty Shirley is made with dark cherry vodka, naturally infused with real cherries, no artificial sugar, colors and ingredients. 

We tried all the Black Infusion options at VinoTapa paired with the most delicious tapas. If you go be sure to try their cocktails made with Black Infusions: the Dirty Shirley, a Spritz Splash and Cherry-Cocoa Espresso Martini. Espresso martinis are also making a comeback and my favorite was Cherry-Cocoa Espresso Martini made with Dark Cherry vodka, Bird Dog chocolate whiskey, espresso and an egg, shaken and served in a martini glass. Delicious! 

All three vodkas are 60-proof and gluten-free. Black Infusions products are currently distributed in 19 markets, including California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, and Washington, DC and are available online. For recipes and more information visit blackinfusions.com