This smoky cocktail tempers a scotch with the sweet accompaniment of orange and honey, plus some citrus bitters.

You can choose to offer this as a kickoff to the gathering, or as a nightcap. It’s pretty potent, so one per customer is recommended. Most beautiful served over crushed ice in a smoky glass. For the garnish, cut a rough strip of orange rind and tear fresh mint leaves. This cocktail works into my party theme focused on smoky flavors, see more recipes at this link.


[1] The Peat Monster The smokiness of this scotch from Compass Box comes from a blend of extremely smoky malt whisky from Islay and three medium-peated Highland whiskies. Created especially for those who crave a lot of smoke in their glass. Compass Box is known for creating elegant, and beautifully packaged whiskies in every category. Check regularly for limited editions. About $60.

HOBNOBMAG Smoky Cocktail

[2] Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao The crème de la crème of triple secs has the bitter-sweet taste of candied orange zest, a lovely woodiness, and a hint of nuts. Combines beautifully with the smokiness of the scotch whiskey. About $27.

[3] Bärenjäger Honey Liqueur With a recipe dating back to the 15th century, Bärenjäger takes honey to a higher level. It is quite sweet, so can also substitute for simple syrup in cocktails, or for honey in other recipes (think about adding it to a cup of hot tea). Make it a staple on your bar all winter. It smooths out the edges on this cocktail nicely. About $25.

[4] Urban Moonshine Organic Citrus Bitters Have these bitters around to keep your digestion in check—and add complexity to your cocktails. These bitters are made with certified organic roots from Vermont, like dandelion, angelica, burdock, ginger, plus orange peel, fennel seed, and dandelion leaves. About $12.

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