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Lamia’s Fish Market Takes the Sea-Life to Another Level

Posted on: August 2nd, 2019 by Paulina K

As far as New York’s new restaurant openings go, Le Souk’s old East Village address, 47 Avenue B, has been remodeled to the nines. Its newest resident is Lamia’s Fish Market, serving a seafood-centric Mediterranean cuisine, as imagined by restauranteur Lamia Funti.

Hobnob Magazine joined in on the restaurant’s lively May pre-opening event, where the crowd, food, and drinks were equally remarkable. The most exceptional of all was the imaginative decor, allowing guests to enjoy themselves in playful and plush luxury, made possibly by designer Dara Young. The event doubled as a birthday celebration for the designer herself, which included a well-known DJ, Donna D’Cruz and continued flow of drinks as well as bites of food.

If you visited Le Souk in its heyday, you would remember the many small, dark rooms. The 7,000 square foot space called for a complete re-design that would involve a multi-level environment, offer plenty of seating, while serving up a unique otherworldly experience. Dining at Lamia’s FishMarket (officially opened mid-June) promises delicious plates of fresh and exquisite plates of seafood, an immersive environment and generous space for a private party or a seat at the Raw Bar for a date. You can expect a see-and-be-seen type of vibe and the kind of artsy and Instagrammable setting you might expect at a modern restaurant.

The front space consists of a bar, serving Cody Goldstein’s innovative cocktails, followed by a large Raw Bar in a well-lit and airy room, an Octopus Room to the side with elegant seating and lots of murals to admire, up the stairs you enter onto the Deck and Ship Rooms. The Deck is made for those who love to people watch. this is the spot that allows you to admire a large sculpture of a mermaid. The Private Dining Room/Ship Room is its own space, resembling captain’s quarters. This room is a must-see in person. Go further downstairs and find yourself in a Grotto that pays tribute to New York City’s seaport history. Wherever you get tucked away or put yourself on display, your experience at Lamia’s Fish Market is sure to be exciting and memorable. With many spaces for rent on Avenue B, Lama’s Fish Market is a glimmer of hope and brings in a promise of revival for this stretch of the East Village.

(photo at the top of the post) Our editor enjoy bites of food and is on a mission to make new friends at Lamia’s Fish Market opening party.

hobnobmag Lamia's Fish Market Ave B

Lamia’s Fish Market Oyster Bar is well-lit and located in the central part of the restaurant.

hobnobmag Lamia's Fish Market Ave B

One of the highlight’s of this restaurant opening was getting to hear the famous DJ, Donna D’Cruz, while taking in the nautical decor.

hobnobmag Lamia's Fish Market Ave B

Our Editorial Director, Ellen Swandiak, agrees that Lamia’s Fish Market guarantees chic furniture and interesting, not to mention Instagrammable, artwork.

hobnobmag Lamia's Fish Market Ave B

The bar in front with submarine backdrop, gold ceiling, and hand-accented lighting fixtures.

hobnobmag Lamia's Fish Market Ave B

Guests came dressed in their best duds and there was plenty of space for photo-ops. Right, looking down under the mermaid mural, the lower level offered more tables, including this one for large parties.

hobnobmag Lamia's Fish Market Ave B

Looking from the mermaid room towards the raw bar allow for peekaboo moments.

hobnobmag Lamia's Fish Market Ave B

We chatted with the restaurant’s interior designer Dara Young about the different areas of the restaurant and its inspiration.

hobnobmag Lamia's Fish Market Ave B

Our night ended with more food, served by dapper waiters, and plenty of champagne.

Lamia’s Fish Market  47 Avenue B (betw 3rd/4th St)

Spark Pretty 90s Pop-Up Shop—Step Into Their Happy Bubble

Posted on: May 15th, 2017 by Paulina K

What the world needs now is more 90s. It was a simpler time—and if you grew up then this 90s pop-up shop will certainly make you smile.

The owner of Spark Pretty, Amanda Dolan and her business partner Meagan Colby, have settled into an East Village location for the month of May. Shop your vintage heart out because everything you could ever need for a fun summer is in this shop; platform shoes, smiley face accessories, sexy bodysuits, 90210 inspired dresses, band t-shirts and of course there is the gorgeous display of Tony Alamo’s hand-painted denim jackets. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. We stopped by to ask Amanda and Meagan a few questions. Step into their happy 90s bubble for good energies and knowledgable minds at 333 East 9th Street (btw 1st/2nd Aves).

HOBNOBMAG 90s pop up shop

HOBNOBMAG 90s pop up shop

How was Spark Pretty born and when did you start it? Spark Pretty was born about five years ago. I had just ended my job at Betsey Johnson (where I met my best friend Meagan Colby!) I had been collecting vintage pieces for the BJ Showroom for years, along with my own vast collection, and my apartment was overflowing with fabulous frocks! I started to sell them online and quickly realized there was demand for over the top vintage finds. Orders started pouring in from the four corners of the world.. One cedar chest turned into four storage units of inventory …and I knew I couldn’t grow this business alone! Who better then your most trust worthy BFF to turn to? Being a vintage collector herself, I knew Meg would be the perfect business partner to team up with! Soon Meagan and I started exhibiting at the Manhattan Vintage Show where VOGUE named us a “must shop vendor” Then fashion writer Lynn Yaeger dubbed us “The Sparks” ..and the rest is history…

What motivates you? We love seeing our pieces come alive! Meeting new customers and making connections is the best part of the job! Seeing someone’s face light up when they put on an item we’ve unearthed is the biggest motivation factor. We want to make people feel good about themselves.

Favorite go-to item in your closet right now? When in doubt: Vintage Orange Tab Levi’s and a cool TShirt. Meagan favors her pink Harley shirt and I’m always rockin my “I Ran into Tammy Faye at the Mall” tee.

Biggest sellers in your shop right now? Our vast collection of one- of-a-kind Tony Alamo Jean Jackets.

Who are your clients? Everybody and anybody. We’ve helped women and men, teenagers, drag queens, personal stylists, theatre costumers, famous photographers and a handful of celebrities. everybody has an inner Spark Pretty just waiting to be ignited!

Any advice for young women stylists or aspiring business owners? Don’t Stop. Ever. Nothing happens overnight… but if you are persistent with your vision your hard work will pay off.