HOBNOBMAG Jim Romdall Caipirinha fresh fruit variations


How to Customize a Caipirinha with Seasonal Fruit

Anyone who hasn’t experienced the joys of cachaça ought to get on board immediately! The traditional Caipirinha, the famous drink from Brazil, is typically made with muddled limes, sugar, and cachaça, a truly joyous mix. (see hobnob’s step by step process for creating a perfect caipirinha). For the paleo party, we suggest you switch from sugar/simple syrup to maple syrup or honey syrup. Jim Romdall, founder of Rumba in Seattle, has come up with some more fresh fruit variations, that will have your taste buds tingling. Refer to the chart for different fruit and liqueur combinations,  and be sure to watch the video.

Novo Fogo is a favorite cachaça brand of ours. They not only offer the traditional spirit, but also have developed a series of aged specimens. Start with the Chameleon, aged one year in American oak, adding just a touch of woodiness, then move onto Barrel-Aged, which spends an additional year in American oak. This single barrel approach goes up to 9 years, for your sipping pleasure. From there you can get even more exotic with a combination of woods: Tanager starts in  American oak barrels and switches to zebrawood casks which lend a reddish color, and an earthiness; Graciosa, probably the most exotic of the bunch, ages for 2 years in repurposed oak and is finished for 18 months in Brazil nut barrels, adding pecan and orchid on the nose, the palate, morphs into cherry custard and finishes with pleasant notes of soft clove and anise. novofogo.com