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HOBNOBMAG cookbook Celebrations Danielle Walker 1



Paleo Recipes to Delight Your Guests: Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain Celebrations

Whether or not you ascribe to a paleo lifestyle, this book will have you covered for a full year of […]

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Your source for recipes perfectly geared for mixing and mingling.

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How to Customize a Caipirinha with Seasonal Fruit

Anyone who hasn’t experienced the joys of cachaça ought to get on board immediately! The traditional Caipirinha, the famous drink […]

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A sampling of only the most interesting crafted spirits, cocktails, wine, & beer.

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Open Up: Modern Bottle Openers for Smooth Operations

Bottle openers need not be mundane. We found a bunch that you can be proud to put out and show […]

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Find the most useful hosting accessories—in a style that’s right for you.

hobnobmag Purely Patricia Housing Works event



Phenomenal Fashion at Housing Works: PEOPLE WITH PURPOSE Converge in Creative Regalia

On August 30, I was delighted to be invited to a fashion tour-de-force featuring a room full of individuals who […]

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