HOBNOBMAG What the Float Dance Party
Shortcut Dinner Party w Organic Wines



Liz’s Birthday: Short Cuts to a Simple Three Course Dinner with Organic Wines to Match

My friend Liz and I love to treat each other to simple gourmet dinners at each other’s apartments, each relishing […]

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French Cheese and Cocktail Pairings



Advanced Cheese Board: Four Fab Cocktails and French Cheese Pairings

At an event at the French Cheese Board in Soho, we sampled some excellent cocktails with matching cheeses, making for […]

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HOBNOBMAG Tentsile Tree Tent1



Elevated Outdoor Ambiance: Cocoon in Nature in a Tent Suspended in Mid Air

Now here’s a tent that makes sense—it takes the situation off the ground, away from crawling critters and hard surfaces. […]

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HOBNOBMAG What the Float Dance Party



Quiet Dance Floor: Is This the Future? Dancing with Headphones Around NYC

Who To Take: Someone looking for a unique experience or the person who likes to dance and control the playlist […]

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